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Our exhibits and library acquisitions are the result of donations of time and/or other resources by volunteers from the academic world and from practicing and retired pr people.

If you are a student, educator, researcher, web designer/programmer, or from any other field, and are interested in developing an upcoming feature for the online Museum, please let us know. We will also pursue the possibility with your academic institution for you or your group to receive credit for your work in developing materials for the Museum.

Research for Projects and Assignments

Each week, we receive e-mails from all over the world from people with questions ranging from how to launch a public relations firm to how to find answers to pr problems or help with class assignments. Being able to supply such a service is beyond the parameters of our mission. Surfing the Internet or searching microfilm databases at libraries, universities or news organizations are some recommended ways for you to uncover the answers to those questions.

If you come across any compelling fact, story or resource during the course of your research that you feel would be of interest, please feel free to let us know. We are always interested in expanding the material on this site, as well in developing new exhibitions.

Broken links or missing elements
Occasionally we learn of broken links and missing pictures or other errors from our visitors. We are always grateful for your help in letting us know when you run into these issues.

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