“...in the normal course of events I don't expect I will ever be a pioneer.”
—Arthur W. Page, October 27, 1944


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Arthur W. Page
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How wrong he was. From the Progressive Era to the Eisenhower years, Arthur W. Page's thoughts, his philosophies, his principles and most importantly his words would change public relations from "press agentry" into an integral fabric of American corporations.

His years in publishing perfected his writing skills, his time as vice president of AT&T shaped a profession, and his later involvement in World War II would have a profound effect on the world.

This exhibit will focus on Page's early years with publishing house Doubleday, Page and Co., where from 1905 to 1927 he served as editor of the World's Work and later as vice president of the company; his influential years as vice president of AT&T; his contributions to the war effort, including the development of the Marshall Plan and Radio Free Europe, and his dealings with "big business".

Doubleday, Page and Company
The AT&T Years 1927 - 1946
WW II and the Years Following